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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

Considerations on search optimisation and word count

You've probably wondered how long to make a blog post or online article if you've ever written one. What is the ideal length of online content for SEO purposes, in other words?

You may have heard that the recommended word count for SEO is between 250 and more than 2,000 words per post, depending on the time period and the source. The quality of the material and the quantity of backlinks, not the word count, according to advocates of smaller word counts, are what is really important. High word counts proponents assert that material with too few words will be rated as "thin" by search engines and won't rank as highly as content with more words. What then is the reality? Do search engines really care how many words are used? If so, what is the ideal length for content pieces?

The quantity of articles is not taken into account in Google's quality ratings, according to John Mueller of Google, the source from which so much knowledge about search engines originates. So, I guess that's all, case closed, word counts are unnecessary?  Not exactly. Although word count isn't a direct impact in SEO ranking, you should nonetheless be aware of it.

Write 2,000 words and an optimized H1 - that may be summed up as the most general SEO advice. But is it a well-known fact, a prevalent belief, or an online myth?

Although there is no agreement on the ideal word count, there is a basic guideline to follow: long-form material performs better than shorter content. Considered carefully, this makes a lot of sense. Longer pieces assist Google's algorithm to better understand the content of your page since it strives to determine search intent. Therefore, it follows that bigger is always better, right? No, not always.

Readers will get disinterested if you just fill out articles with excessive words, pointless adjectives, and adverbs, or if you purposefully take a detour around the main idea. Consequently, your quality scores will suffer. Each item must thus be as lengthy as necessary. More explained further.

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