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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00


How To Increase Of Traffic With Geo-Targeting

Segmenting the business that’s coming to your point by geolocation is an important way to introduce and convert further from your Justuno offers.

By geo-targeting your business, you automatically give a heightened and more particular online shopping experience when the caller sees messaging acclimatized to their position.

And we all know a good shopping UX is crucial to conversion!

Let’s look at a couple of use cases for enforcing geo-targeted marketing practices

Show targeted offers or messaging to a specific country

Still, it’s in your stylish interest to feed offers and messaging to that particular geo- position, If you’re entering business from different countries. This is going to give a further flawless experience for callers and can affect increased conversion rates. Then are a many common use cases for targeting callers by country:

- Present different shipping options and offers grounded on the user’s country

- Present unique dupe, imagery, and immolations grounded on the user’s country

- Present messaging in native language grounded on the user’s country

How to show targeted offers or messaging to specific countries or zip canons

There are numerous effective use cases for segmenting your business by state and indeed zip law. Then are a many

Show targeted offers to callers in a specific megacity/state

Show specific messaging for a popup shop passing in a specific area

Offer an in-store reduction to website users (can help clear force in a physical position and/or drive further bottom business)

Before this time, we posted a case study about how Shopify Plus & Justuno customer, Ridge Wallet, used a geo-targeted, simple website banner to display a Free Shipping offer.

Try out geo-targeted elevations and see how adding personalization can drive transformations sky high.



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