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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

An AI-Generated Artwork Won First Place at a State Fair Fine Arts Competition, and Artists Are Pissed

Jason Allen's AI-Generated work "Theatre D'opera Spatial" took first place in the digital order at the Colorado State Fair. A man came in first at the Colorado State Fair’s fine art competition using an AI generated artwork on Monday.

“I won first place”, a stoner going by Sincarnate said in a Discord post above prints of the AI-Generated oils hanging at the fair.

Sincarnate’s name is Jason Allen, who's chairman of Colorado- grounded tabletop gaming company Incarnate Games. According to the state show’s website, he won in the digital art order with a work called “ ThéâtreD'opéra Spatial. ” The image, which Allen published on oil for submission, is gorgeous. It depicts a strange scene that looks like it could be from a space piece, and it looks like a consummately done oil. Classical numbers in a Baroque hall gawk through an indirect viewport into a sun-drenched and radiant geography.

But Allen didn't paint "Theatre D'opera Spatial", AI software called Midjourney did. It used his prompts, but Allen didn't apply a digital encounter. This distinction has caused controversy on Twitter where working artists and suckers indicted Allen of speeding the death of creative jobs.

“TL; DR - "Someone entered an art competition with an AI-Generated piece and won the first prize", artist Genel Jumalon said in a viral tweet about Allen’s palm. "Yeah that is enough fucking shitty".

"We ’re watching the death of art unfold before our eyes, "a Twitter stoner going by OmniMorpho said in a reply that gained over 2,000 likes.However, also indeed high-professed jobs are in peril of getting obsolete, "If creative jobs aren’t safe from machines. What will we've also?"

"I knew this would be controversial", Allen said in the Midjourney Discord garçon on Tuesday. "How intriguing it is to see how all these people on Twitter who are against AI generated art are the first bones to throw the mortal under the machine by discrediting the mortal element! Does this feel hypocritical to you guys".

Motherboard reached out to Allen, who replied that he was embarking on a 12 hour drive and couldn't notice.

According to Allen, his input was necessary to the shaping of the award winning oil. "I've been exploring a special advisement that I'll be publishing at a after date, I've created 100s of images using it, and after numerous weeks of fine tuning and curating my 411, I chose my top 3 and had them published on oil after unshackling with Gigapixel AI", he wrote in a post before the winners were blazoned.

Allen said that his critics are judging the art by the system of its creation, and that ultimately the art world will fete AI-Created art as its own order. "What if we looked at it from the other extreme, what if an artist made a hectically delicate and complicated series of conditions in order to produce a piece, say, they made their art while hanging upside-down and being whipped while oil", he said. "Should this artist's work be estimated differently than another artist that created the same piece 'typically'? I know what will come of this in the end, they're simply going to produce an 'artificial intelligence art' order I imagine for effects like this". 

Artists are concerned about the rise of AI-Generated art. Atlantic pen Charlie Warzel went viral after running an edition of the magazine’s newsletter with a Midjourney- generated picture of Alex Jones. A major publication using AI for art rather than a mortal derangement of a lot of people. "Technology is decreasingly stationed to make gig jobs and to make billionaires richer, and so much of it does not feel to profit the public good enough", cartoonist Matt Borrs told Warzel in a follow up piece. "AI art is part of that. To inventors and technically inclined people, it’s this cool thing, but to illustrators it's veritably disturbing because it feels like you ’ve excluded the need to hire the illustrator".

Allen said he'd easily labeled his submission to the state fair as "Jason Allen via Midjourney", and formerly again noted the mortal element needed to produce the work. "I induce images with MJ, do passes with photoshop, and upmarket with Gigapixel".

Despite the contestation, the palm has only encouraged him. "I'm not stopping now", he said. "This palm has only inspired my charge".


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