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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00


12 Ways to Source Content motifs for Your Blog

Content is such an important element of online marketing, and with the maturity of your challengers also concentrated on content marketing, you need to come up with compelling content ideas in order to stand out.

It’s not always easy to come up with new ideas for your content ideas or motifs. Occasionally the assiduity you're in is just veritably small, or occasionally you fall victim to pen’s block. In order to help you fluently communicate new content motifs. Thre are ways to help you reference new content ideas.

Not only can these simple strategies be used to produce blog posts, but they will also help you come up with motifs for podcasts, vlogs, infographics, e-books or any other content format.

1. Join Assiduity-Specific Facebook Groups

Facebook is the most popular social network, so it’s no wonder that Facebook Groups are a constant source of new content ideas. Still, leave it, If you find a particular group doesn’t give value. By simply joining exchanges, you'll see what common questions and motifs are that are applicable to your business.

Spending just 10 twinkles a day in group conversations can give a constant inflow of content ideas. — Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer

2. Hear to People You Follow on Twitter

You should be following influential study- leaders within your assiduity on social media, especially Twitter. Scroll through your feed and look for papers they partake or recommend reading. Click over and see if it’s commodity that your followership would also be interested in readingabout. However, it’s a great suggestion that the content will be one that your blog compendiums will also enjoy, If a particular tweet has a lot of engagement. — John Rodeman, Digital Marketing Director of Taylor Morrison

3. Be Active on Forums

Forums are similar a great source of motifs because it’s where people go to ask questions. Look for recent questions that have entered a lot of replies. That’s generally a good suggestion that it’s a applicable content and bone that people are interested in reading about. There are online communities and forums for nearly every subject-matter thesedays. However, use Google to see what's available, If you aren’t familiar with any. — Stephan Boehringer, CEO of Get The Clicks

4. Ask or Poll Your Dispatch List

Still, which every business should, also you can pool your subscriber list to see what they're interested in reading about, “If you have been erecting an dispatch list since day one. This can be your most precious source of content ideas, as these are the people that are most likely to buy your product or service in the near future. You can shoot out a simple, “What are you interested in reading about?” dispatch, or use a check app that integrates with your dispatch provider. This strategy helps you produce content that your buyers will engage with, which can also lead to fresh purchase transformations down the line, adding the continuance value of each client.” — Matthew Willens, Author of Willens Law services

5. Search Quora and Yahoo Answers

I've set up Quora and Yahoo Answers to be the stylish alleviation for blog motifs. You can find questions and answers about every content imaginable. Just search terms that are related to your assiduity and you'll find an endless force of questions that you can convert into blog motifs. Yahoo Answers was more popular several times agone, while Quora has come more popular, so you'll find the most current questions on that platform. — Hillary Hobson, CMO of Highest Cash Offer

6. Read the commentary on Popular Industry Blogs

Every assiduity has popular blogs, so identify the top 10 blogs that your followership is likely to read on a regular base and start to cover the commentary section on their most popular posts. These are the same people that are your implicit guests, so by curating motifs from their questions, it’s going to help you attract organic hunt business and if people land on your blog and see motifs that answer their common questions, it'll greatly increase the chance of them converting into a client. — Tim Johnson, Managing Director of Ink Factory 

7. Ask Your client Service platoon for a List of Common Questions

It doesn’t matter if you client service platoon is in- house or outsourced. Whomever speaks with your guests on a diurnal base is a great source of content motifs. Ask them to put together a list of the top ten client service questions, and you'll be suitable to come up with multiple blog post motifs. This can also reduce the number of client service inquiries, as numerous of the common questions will be answered on your blog. — Chris Saviano, Vice President of Business Development of PGM Billing

8. Find the Most Popular motifs on Your Blog Via Google Analytics

Successful aged posts on your own blog can be great sources of content ideas. As utmost diligence evolve and change over time, old motifs can be streamlined andre-written for the presenttime. However, as well as what posts had the longest time spent on the runner, If you dive into your Google Analytics data you can identify the posts that have entered the most views. Once you identify these, visit the post and look at the number of social shares and commentary they entered to determine if it’s worthre-visiting the same content in a unborn post. — Aaron Haynes, Author of Fenix Pro

 9. Read ApplicableSub-Reddit’s on a Regular Base

Reddit is a great source to find out what people are talking about and participating that’s related to your assiduity. There are subreddits for every content under the sun, and this is one content source that numerous business possessors don’t suppose about exercising. The number of commentary and upvotes cessions admit is a strong suggestion on its eventuality as a blog post content. — Jennifer Shima, CEO of The Bacon

10. Examiner Major Media Outlets for motifs Related to Your Assiduity

Still, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post or Inc, If a major media outlet similar as Forbes. It takes just seconds to search these websites daily, and you can frequently cover the content on a original- position, before any of your challengers do, simply by being visionary and performing diurnal quests. — Sean Flynn, Owner of Flynn & Associates PLLC

11. Google Search Suggestions

When you class in a hunt into Google’s hunt box, there will always be a list of suggested quests. You'll have to get creative and suppose outside-the-box, but frequently times you can come up with a couple content ideas just by mind-jilting into the hunt box. — Steve Kappel, President of Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty

12. Curate Flipboard Topics

Flipboard is added up content from each over the world. You can enter in any hunt term and see content that has been participated affiliated to that content. The top results are a good suggestion of what you should be writing about, as it’s what's presently being participated. Consumers only partake content that they find helpful and useful, so publishing blog content grounded on analogous motifs will probably be well entered by your followership. — Paul Denman, Owner of DMS Air

Final Studies

Still, you'll noway again struggle to suppose of motifs for your content, If you use the tips over. When you have a constant source of content ideas, it allows you to publish enough content to satisfy the appetite of your followership.

Do you have fresh ways to come up with new content ideas? If so, please leave your suggestions in the commentary section below.


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