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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

Instagram to roll out new features for sharing content with followers directly via channels

Instagram, a social networking site for sharing photos, is renowned for experimenting with its interface, resources, and features. The parent company of the application, Meta, is launching a brand-new feature for Instagram called broadcasts channels that would let users send text or picture updates straight to followers. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has recently made this announcement on his Instagram account by starting a new channel. The new function aims to provide an alternate method of sharing content instead of forcing users to do it on crowded, popular feeds.

"I'm starting this channel to share news and updates on all products and tech we're building at Meta. This will be the place where I share Meta product news first," Zuckerberg said in the post.

This feature is being introduced by Meta as a way for artists to directly update their audience.

After TikTok, a rival app, became popular, the company has been aggressive in trying to keep its users by adding reels, a version of video formats, and altering its algorithm to only display content that people are interested in. Those who have complained about not seeing updates from the accounts they genuinely follow have reacted negatively to this adjustment.

This issue will be solved by the new feature, channels, which will provide creators a direct path to their followers rather than relying entirely on Instagram's feed algorithm.

One of Meta's most significant offerings in recent years has been the social networking program Instagram. The app is not only the finest wager against TikTok but also a significant income generator and has contributed to the expansion of Meta's company. The corporation loves the app because its larger goal is to create the Metaverse, an extravagant plan.

The debut of Channels coincides with a critical year for the company's overall operations as Zuckerberg dubbed 2023 the "year of efficiency." In order to support the company's fast growth, he has also promised to eliminate certain middle management and put more emphasis on product development.

In order to concentrate on items and services that bring the greatest value, Meta had previously disabled the live shopping option. Zuckerberg noted that Facebook, the company's messenger service, will ultimately get the channels functionality.


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