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Benefits of QR technology for freelancers

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The relevance of freelance as a way of doing work is as high as ever. Freelance professions include programmers, designers, copywriters, brokers, influencers, photographers, and many others. Whatever your business is, upon taking advantage of modern technologies, including QR technology, you can make remote work possible and mutually beneficial for all parties in the work process.


How to use QR codes in freelancing

The main reason why freelancers use a QR code generator is to advertize and promote their services. You can create QR codes with any content and then easily share them with potential customers. It's simple, convenient, and presentable.

Let's consider some ideas on how freelance workers can use QR codes.

1. Generate the QR code for a business card

A business card with a QR code looks respectable and unique. Freelancers who know how to present their brand in a modern way are much more successful than their competitors who're used to working in the old way.

So, you can place the code on a traditional or electronic business card. First, you should make a QR code using a link to your website or social network account. The easiest option is to create a vCard with your contact information. Then, potential customers can learn more about your services by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

Generate vCard
Gift QR Code

2. Make a symbolic gift

Depending on the specifics of your activity, you can offer your potential customers a gift -  helpful content - for example, a checklist for creating websites, instructions for writing a long-form article, etc.

Thus, you’ll demonstrate your expertise in the professional field, which will significantly increase your attractiveness to the customer. In this case, you can encrypt your presentation or PDF into a QR code and share it with your audience.

3. Use the QR code as a watermark

Watermarked images help prevent other freelance workers from stealing your work. This way, you'll protect your portfolio and even attract new clients. An interactive QR code can also become a watermark.

A great example is when photographers place QR codes on their photos. Anyone can scan the code and learn more about a particular photo and its creator. First, you need to encrypt the link to your website or social media profile in the code.

Watermark QR Code
Portfolio QR Code

4. Present portfolio

For a freelancer, there's nothing more valuable than a good portfolio. A selection of the best examples of your work can demonstrate to potential customers that you're precisely the specialist they're looking for. However, compiling and presenting an ideal portfolio is extremely difficult.

In this case, generatе a QR code with the best examples of your work and actively share it with applications for participation in future projects. For example, this could be a Google Drive presentation, a gallery of your best photos, a link to your website, etc.

5. Advertize the webinar

Many freelance workers not only provide services but also train future professionals. To do this, they hold webinars, conferences, and other online events. Thanks to QR codes, you can effectively advertize any virtual events.

To do this, you should use the QR code generator to create and customize the code. It's best to encrypt a link to the landing page created for your webinar or an account on a social network from where you plan to attract participants.

QR for Webinar


Take advantage of the QR code generator if you’re a freelancer and want to improve your project work and enhance communication with clients. This multifunctional tool will come in handy!


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