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How to use a QR code for photo and video services

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QR for photographers

Working with photo, video, and other visual content requires excellent creative skills. Therefore, often photographers and videographers are very creative people who are more focused on aesthetics rather than on marketing their services. However, online and offline advertising is indispensable: without it, any, even the most talented specialist, runs the risk of being left without work and earnings.

QR technology for advertising photographer and videographer services

QR for videographers

Most specialists in this industry are freelancers who carry out projects and engage in advertising campaigns. But producing creative content and promoting a business are two very different things. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult for photographers and videographers to combine both sides of their craft. By using a QR code generator, you can increase advertising effectiveness and focus directly on receiving orders.

To redirect the user to a link or file is the key task of a QR code and it fits perfectly photographers’ needs. This is exactly what you need to market your services: by spreading your portfolio and offering professional services, you don’t need to look for clients. After scanning the QR code, users will get interested in the information and further become your clients.

You only need to generate a QR code with visually appealing content, place it anywhere online and offline, and then just monitor the growth of interest in you as a specialist and the services you offer. Potential clients need just one scanning of the code to view your portfolio, evaluate your style, and contact you in a few clicks.

Strategies on how to create a QR code and use it correctly

The possibility to create a QR code and use its benefits to promote photo and video services is what photographers and videographers need. This simple, convenient, and effective tool will help you offer your services more interactively and exclusively, expanding your customer base without additional efforts. Try these strategies with QR codes.

1. Grow website traffic

Your website is your business card. It’s an ideal place to place your complete portfolio, contacts, information about yourself, and other "attributes" of your profession. It's easier than ever to make a QR code using a link to any page on your website and place it on printed business cards, social networks, and anywhere.

Traffic with QR

2. Increase recognition in social media

If your website is an official must-have, then social media pages are a more unusual environment for interacting with potential clients. Here you can connect with potential clients and showcase your work emphasizing your brand aesthetic. To this end, you can create a QR code with links to your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

Social QR Code

3. Carry out advertising campaigns

High-quality advertising in social networks, on billboards, in highly specialized magazines always bears fruit. Try including QR codes in your advertising campaigns. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to expand your opportunities, and increase advertising effectiveness. For example, hold raffles, offer discount coupons, create electronic business cards, and so on.

 QR Advertising

4. Gather reviews

If you create a QR code with a feedback form, you can actively collect feedback. First, you’ll receive valuable firsthand information about the provided services. Second, in the future, you’ll be able to use reviews in advertising.

QR Reviews

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