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How to generate a QR code for the offer box

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Feedback from customers, partners, and employees is essential for further developing any business area. It is a valuable source of new ideas that will help identify and solve various company problems. You can collect offers easily, quickly, and innovatively using the QR code generator.

Virtual QR wish box pros

An interactive code for the suggestion box is an effective tool to draw your audience's attention to a current survey or company issue. Such creative QR code ideas are becoming increasingly popular because they help receive valuable comments, wishes, and suggestions.

If you create a QR code for a wish box, you will get many benefits when conducting a survey or promoting an advertising campaign to get feedback. Among the main advantages, you may find:


The box for collecting feedback and suggestions is located in a specific place. To share an opinion, your employees or customers need to come there. And the virtual QR code is available online at any time;


Based on your preference, you can collect feedback anonymously or openly (by identifying respondents according to the chosen criterion, such as name, email address, phone number, etc.). It is still worth mentioning that users are more willing to share their opinions on the condition of anonymity;


By leaving feedback in your virtual wish box, users don't have to worry about their safety. They do not need to go somewhere or contact other people unless necessary;


Cool QR code ideas like a wish box mean you don't have to spend money on paper and paint. You can benefit from saving on consumables and thus protect the environment with QR technology;


Apply unique shapes, styles, and colors using the QR code generator to draw attention to your code and motivate people to give input and make new suggestions on a topical issue.

Virtual QR BoxQR Code Offer Box

With that in mind, today, it is enough to generate QR codes to optimize collecting your audience's wishes and opinions. Moreover, you can quickly process the received information and use it to overcome existing problems in the business.

How to create a QR box for reviews

Many unique QR code ideas fit perfectly B2B or B2C companies' needs.  For instance, make a QR code for Google Forms or create a QR code for a document (such as Google Docs).

Google Forms is the most popular service for creating questionnaires. To make a QR code using a link to the survey, you need to create the form in Google Forms and get your unique URL. Next, go to the ME-QR service and follow the simple instructions:

Create QR Box

1. Click the “Create QR code” button and select the “Link / URL” code type;

2. Copy your link to the finished survey and paste it into the appropriate field;

3. Optionally customize the QR code design to draw more attention to the survey;

4. Download your QR code and use it as a virtual wish box.

Thus, users can quickly complete a questionnaire or leave a text review straight from a smartphone. To do this, one needs to scan the QR code and share their opinion.

We can sum up that the QR code for Google Forms or a questionnaire in another format significantly increases the chance of receiving useful feedback and comments. This is because users only need a smartphone, which almost everyone has. Therefore, use a QR generator and successfully get input from your audience!


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