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How to improve trade fairs marketing with QR codes

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Trade Fair QR

QR codes and marketing are complementary tools every modern business needs. If you focus on developing an effective advertising strategy for your products and services, you should pay attention to QR technology. Using a QR code generator and interactive codes, you can increase the recognition and success of your brand, for instance, plan and hold trade fairs.

QR Technology Advantages For Trade Fairs

A trade exhibition is a large-scale event that brings together the representatives of specific industries and interested customers. This format allows manufacturers to demonstrate their products and services in a favorable light, find new partners, close deals, and expand the business prospects in B2B and B2C spheres.

But organizing such an event takes a lot of money, time, and human resources. A great marketing idea is to use an interactive QR code for an exhibition. This tool will help you plan, organize, and run a high-quality trade event for your company.

Here are the reasons to create QR codes for the trade show:

Drawing Attention To The Display Stand

The QR code exhibition booth is more eye-catching and functional. It will help you effectively establish contacts with potential partners and find new customers;

Exhibition Branding

Your advertising should reflect the brand identity and values. So when creating an interactive code, you should customize its design with the right style and colors;

Quickly Switching From Offline To Online

Optimize your exhibition stand for mobile devices, and you can hold the attention of your target audience and move your further interaction online;

Tracking The Advertising Campaign Success

If you create a QR code of dynamic type, you will have access to valuable statistics. This way, you will get helpful information, such as the number of scans.

Trade QR Code

Using QR codes for marketing helps achieve tangible success in any business field. You can create a QR code online for a commercial, entertainment, or charity exhibition or, for instance, make a QR code art exhibition stand and then confidently achieve your goals.

Interactive Ways Of QR Codes Application At Trade Fairs

QR technology is highly effective for different types of events. In addition to commercial activities, you can generate a QR code for an art exhibition, concert, party, etc.

The QR code on art objects is often used to inform event visitors about exhibits. And in commercial expositions, QR technology helps accomplish more practical tasks:

Product Testing

No one buys a car without a test drive; the same goes for other products and services. For example, at a software trade show, you can share a QR code with a link for downloading your application’s beta version;

QR Product Description
QR Contacts

Exchanging Contacts With Customers And Partners

All exhibition visitors are interested in making business contacts. The QR code for promotion with an electronic business card will be the most convenient and presentable way to exchange contacts; 

Increasing The Number Of Subscribers On Social Media

Social media presence is essential for any company. So try to make a QR code with a link to your social media profiles and help your visitors sign up for your accounts with ease;

Social Media QR
QR Code Reviews

Collecting Feedback And Suggestions

Feedback from customers will help you improve the service and products you offer. So use interactive codes to make a virtual QR suggestion box and collect feedback.

The listed examples show that a QR code for advertising the trade show is an effective business tool. Generate interactive codes to achieve the image and commercial success of your event!

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