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How to create and use a QR code with a customizable URL

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 Customizable URL QR

To make a QR code from URL is one of the most frequent requests from users. Although the QR code generator allows adding different content to the code, the URL QR code remains the most functional and demanded option. The QR to URL can contain anything: a video clip, image gallery, text message, Google Forms survey, etc.

5 ideas for QR code etching

With the ME-QR service, you can make a QR code of any type. If you want to generate a QR code for a URL, there are several options available:

  • convert the URL to a QR code (you can add 1 link to a code, which will redirect users to a specific page);

  • make a multi-URL QR code (this is a micro-landing page with multiple links, e.g., to all company accounts on social media);

  • add URLs with conditions for scanning QR codes (the code will open the link that matches the selected conditions).

QR for URL

The QR code with a customizable link is a trend in advertising and marketing. Suppose you want to place a city light with a QR code to display different products from your website, at a certain time of the day. As a result, if potential clients scan the URL code at different times of the day, they will see different products.

Another great example is to display a language-specific link. You can assign a language to each URL: link #1 - English, link #2 - Arabic, etc. Such a QR code can be helpful in the travel industry or when creating manuals for appliances, etc.

How to make a QR code with a customizable link


Use the ME-QR QR code generator to make a QR for the URL with settings. With our service, you can select the conditions and add several links. Scanning such a code will take users to a URL that matches the set parameters. 

So, it only takes you a few minutes to create a QR code with a customizable URL if you follow the instruction.

Step #1. Open the QR code generator

On the page of available QR code types, find the “Customizable URL” option. Then, fill in the standard fields: the content category, name for QR, type of customization (location, number of scans, time or language), and default URL. 

Customizable Link QR
QR Code Generator

Step #2. Add conditions and links

Depending on the selected type, you will need to add the necessary links for the specified conditions. If you use "Language", you need to select the desired languages from the available ones; if you use "Number of scans", you need to specify the number. You can add up to 10 links in one such QR code.

Step #3. Customize the QR code design

You can leave the standard default design if you like - this code will consist of black and white cells. But if you want to make it recognizable and eye-catching, work on the design: change the color, add a call to action, and choose a frame. According to statistics, the unique QR code design increases the number of scans.

Customize QR Code

Many services offer the option to create QR codes from URLs. Still, you rarely find a QR code generator for multi-links and even less for customizable links. In this case, ME-QR comes in handy: with our service, you can generate and use functional QR codes with customizable links for free!


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