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QR vs Barcode

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QR code and barcode

Introduction: QR code vs barcode


Many people always had a choice: to add a QR code or a barcode to the packaging of some products. And despite the fact that everyone knows that QR code is more convenient and the list of its features is much wider, users still do not always distinguish between these two things. Therefore, today we will talk about the specifics of work and what is the difference between barcode and QR code.

Difference between QR-code and barcode

What is barcode and how it is used? What type of information is encrypted in it?


We meet with barcodes every day. If you paid attention to the packaging of goods, then you definitely noticed a sequence of black and white stripes, or other geometric shapes. It was a barcode.

What is barcode

A barcode is encrypted information about a product in the form of parallel black and white stripes. This code contains important information such as manufacturer's name, product description, price, etc.

Sometimes users are mistaken about the functions of barcodes and believe that the presence of a barcode indicates the quality of the product. This is not true! The barcode carries general information about the product, but has nothing to do with quality.

Barcodes were invented before QR codes. But despite this, QR code is more popular among users. Why is that? We are looking for answers together.

Why is QR code more convenient? Analyzing barcode types.


The structure of QR codes during scanning allows them to be read both vertically and horizontally. Its composition is more complicated. What does it mean? This means that QR codes keep more information and scan them faster and easier. While the barcode can only be read horizontally. Therefore, it is called a linear or one-dimensional barcode. It contains less info, and therefore are used less often. In addition, it can only be scanned with a certain device. But if you just need to inventory products or some goods, the barcode is perfect in this case.

Through the features of barcodes and their types, QR code types are considered more advantageous to use.

QR code or barcode - choose a type

What you need to know about barcode types and how to scan barcode?


There are different types of barcodes, but the following types are mainly applied:

UPC Code 

(universal product code)

This is the type that is printed on the packaging of the product and is intended to establish a specific point about the product. It consists of a barcode (black lines) and a 12-digit number.

EAN Code 

(European Article Number)

It is designed to code the product and manufacturer. It is mainly used in Europe.

QR Products Purchasing


(Interleaved Two of Five) 

is used to deliver packaging materials worldwide. It consists of 14 digits.

How to use barcode

Barcodes are more often used on packaging of goods, and they are rarely used outside of trade. And QR codes have advanced functions, and its can be created for social networks, study, and just for the exchange of information.


And users are not faced with the question of how to read QR, because it is easily to scan it with a mobile device. But now there are many applications that also allow you to scan a barcode and get information.

Let's summarize. Which is better: QR code or barcode?


We do not deny the usefulness and necessity of applying barcodes, but for business purposes, we recommend using QR codes. How is barcode different from QR code and why is QR code better than barcode? We'll talk about it.


QR VS barcode - what to choose
  • QR code is easier and faster to scan. The structure of the QR code allows you to scan and receive encrypted information in just a few minutes. This is due to the short URL that is used for QR codes.
  • Barcode is a sequence of black and white stripes. And the QR code may be modified and styled as you like. You can change the design, add a logo, picture, frame, choose the color.
  • Info is encrypted in the barcode, and in the QR code you can encrypt not only information, but also a call to action, for instance, send a message, like a page, etc.
  • Don’t forget about the convenience of dynamic QR codes, which allow you to track the number of scans. You can also edit information, change the design and choose a different type of QR code.
  • You can use QR code anywhere: in business, study, marketing or for personal purposes, and the barcode is used narrowly.

Of course, we have named just a few advantages of QR codes, we are sure that there are more of them and everyone finds their own positive sides of using QR codes. Therefore, we advise you to use the QR code Generator from the ME-QR team.  


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