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How to add links to all social networks in one QR code

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Multi QR Code

In modern realities, the advantages of applying a QR code for social media are more than obvious: it is an effective means of communication with target clients and the possibility to promote your brand's products natively. You can boost your company's profits by placing a QR code for Facebook, Instagram, or another platform in print and digital advertising.

A new trend has emerged amid the growing popularity of various public networks in modern marketing. Applying the QR code generator, you can achieve a new level of advertising by creating a code for a multilink. Such a QR code for all social media accounts implies the possibility of encrypting not one but several active links simultaneously.

Features of a multiple social media QR code

One QR code for all social media accounts is an efficient and convenient solution that allows you to gather your accounts on all existing platforms on a single landing page. Users who scan this interactive code will be redirected to a landing page with a list of all profiles. Now they will decide what platform to visit.

Companies prefer to create a QR code with a multilink to social media accounts because of its advanced promotional benefits. This type of interactive code will enable you to:

  • improve the awareness of your brand;
  • enhance the trust of clients;
  • drive more traffic to your accounts;
  • improve communication with potential clients.
Multiple QR Code

YouTube (23.5 million), Facebook (16.4 million), and Instagram (15.8 million) platforms are in the greatest demand among Internet users. Companies often prefer to make a QR code for Instagram and Facebook since these services refere to the most popular and convenient ones for interacting and communicating with the intended audience. Your next action is to generate a QR code for social networks.

How to make a QR code free of charge for a media platform


Primarily you should decide how many and what platforms you are planning to add to your code. For instance, if you want to create one QR code for YouTube, then it’s enough to select the "Link" code type and enter the URL in the appropriate field. As a result, users will immediately follow the provided link when scanning your code.

In the event that you want to make a micro landing page with a list of all your profiles, give preference to a QR code with multiple links. In this case, you can add 2 or more links to one code. Please keep in mind that the maximum number of links is 10.

To create a QR code for a multilink, you should:

1. open our social media QR code generator;

2. choose the “List of Links” code type;

3. provide the appropriate name and give the code’s description;

4. add links to the corresponding block one by one;

5. personalize the interactive code’s look (or leave the default design);

6. download the code.

QR with Links

Therefore, now you have a distinctive QR code designed in accordance with your commerce strategy. It remains only to do a scan test before starting to introduce your code in advertising campaigns. This will ensure that the encoded links are redirecting users to the correct pages.

Sometimes companies create individual codes for every platform. For example, a QR code for Instagram or QR code for Telegram. But if you have accounts on different platforms and actively develop them, it would be great to create a QR code with a multilink and collect all profiles in one place. Choose the method that best suits your social network promotion strategy and create functional codes!


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