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Advantages of Skype QR codes for meetings

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Skype QR Code

Skype calls have become a common way of personal communication and a convenient tool for business. Companies use Skype for business gatherings, conferences, and other work meetings. With QR codes, you can use Skype even more productively during calls. 

The importance of QR technology for Skype users

QR codes have been actively used in Skype for a long time. The Skype mobile app has a built-in QR code generator, allowing you to exchange contacts with other users more efficiently.

You can also download the program from the official Skype website. For this purpose, the company has decided to create a QR code for the App Store and Google Play. You launch the application installation on your mobile device by scanning the code.

With ME-QR service, you can generate interactive Skype QR codes yourself. You can add a link to your account or a meeting. Here's how to create a QR code link or the code with other content:

1. Open the ME-QR generator and click "Create QR code";

2. Select the file type (in addition to the link, it can be a PDF file, image, presentation, etc.);

3. Add your content and click "Customize and Download QR";

4. Personalize your code’s design in a few clicks and download it in SVG or PNG format.

Skype QR Meeting

Making a QR code for Skype with any content is easy. Unlike Skype's built-in generator, which only allows you to generate static codes, the ME-QR service provides you the option to create dynamic codes you can edit. This way, you don't have to make a new QR code for every online meeting, and you can create, distribute, and scan QR codes for various purposes and tasks

How to use a QR code for Skype during online meetings

As you can see, interactive codes make installing the application on mobile devices and exchanging contacts with other users easier. You can also use the QR code generator for online meetings, but there’re more benefits that QR codes provide. Let's consider several ideas for using interactive codes during Skype conferences.

Joining meetings 

When you host a Skype video meeting, you should schedule it in advance and invite participants. It can be someone from your contact list or people who do not have a Skype account. The main thing is to send the link to attend the meeting.

Some people are concerned about their data and fraudsters and thus distrust links. A safe and convenient alternative is to generate a QR code for a meeting. To do this, you need to encode the link you received when creating the Skype meeting, namely to turn the link into a QR code and send it to the participants.

Link QR Code
QR with Files

Sharing files

Skype, Microsoft Teams, and similar programs are in high demand in companies that allow remote work for their employees. But often, people need to exchange work-related files in addition to virtual communication. For this, try to create a QR code online with necessary files beforehand. Share this code during the meeting so people can access and study the documents immediately.

Receiving feedback

Your employees' opinions are essential for improving teamwork and increasing company success. To make the process easier and gather feedback "without delay", add a survey link to the QR code online and share it during a Skype meeting.

QR for Reviews

The interactive code with a Skype meeting link or Teams meeting QR code is a convenient and reliable way to host work events. Generate interactive codes to increase the productivity of your meetings and the quality of your company employees' work!


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