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7 unexpected places to use QR codes


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QR technology presents new, modern, and extended features to all QR code users. The QR code generator is great for business, personal use, advertising, and non-commercial goals, which is why you can see QR codes everywhere you go. 

For example, such codes are placed at every step in a supermarket. If you look closely, you will notice them on price tags, counters, product packaging, etc. Imagine how many QR codes you do not notice. Here is a selection of unusual and unexpected places where you can place interactive codes today.

1. QR code on vacancies


The QR code generator makes it easy to add any content to interactive codes, even job descriptions. But you can also use the code as an aptitude test.

Let's take an example from one tattoo parlor in Turkey. The owners collaborated with an advertising agency and published an advertisement looking for a tattoo artist. To apply, one had to sketch the empty squares of the QR code. Without this step, applicants could not scan the code.

QR on Vacancy
QR on Food

2. QR code on food items


Following the craze for good nutrition and the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, now many people pay more attention to food ingredients and their nutritional value. Unfortunately, packaging or labels are not always big enough to put this information. 

Try to create a QR code online and add information about the calories and nutrients in the product. By scanning the code, your customers can have the necessary information and calculate their daily food intake accurately.

3. QR code on trash cans


Protecting the environment is not just trendy but essential. Interactive QR codes can successfully carry this valuable, vitally important idea to the masses. 

The American company, RecycleBank, uses QR codes on garbage cans to incentivize people to sort waste. By scanning the code, users find out the value of the recycled items in the trash can in dollar equivalent, which they can exchange for a voucher.

QR on Trash
QR on Exhibit

4. QR code on museum exhibits


Art needs support, especially after the sharp decline in museum and exhibition attendance since the global pandemic began. QR codes can do this successfully.

For example, the curators of the Sukiennice Museum in Poland create QR codes and place them on the exhibits. Now exhibition visitors can scan QR codes to learn more about the meaning of the art object, its author, the creation history, and so on.

5. QR code on bees


Today, scientists are seriously concerned about bee protection, as their population continues to decline and has already reached a critical level. 

This is how the BEEtag program appeared, which implies placing tiny codes on bees' bodies. This system uses QR codes for round-the-clock insect monitoring, which allows scientists to learn the specifics of the living conditions and other vital information.

QR on Bees
QR on Collar

6. QR code on pet collars


All pet owners are concerned about their pet's safety. What if your pet gets lost? Give the people who found your pet a way to get in touch with you quickly.

You only need to generate a QR code and put it on your pet's collar. Be sure to add your contact information to the code, and your pet will return to you quickly in case of an accident.

7. QR code on tombstones


You can honor the deceased in different ways. Some people order church services, while others prefer to create a QR code for the tombstone in the best traditions of modern technology. 

You can add any content about the deceased person to such code. A link to a memorial site, photo collage, and text message are a few examples. It is quite an unusual way of using QR technology. But this way, you can keep the memory of your loved ones in a virtual world.

QR on Tombstone

As you can see, QR codes have many advantages. To use them, you only need to generate a QR code and place it in a suitable place. Perhaps the listed examples will inspire you and give you an original idea of where to place a QR code.


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