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Interactive help: QR codes for the elderly

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QR for Elderly

As people grow older, everyday activities like navigating the city or shopping in a store can become more challenging. The common cause is different types of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. 

This is why older people need more support. And the QR code generator can provide it properly and timely. Let's look at 3 cases implemented in different countries.

QR code bracelet in Thailand

Thailand takes the problems of older people with Alzheimer's and their families seriously. Such patients have memory disorders and other cognitive impairments, causing them to get lost even in familiar places. According to Mirror, the Thai organization, they receive about 30 calls every month asking for help in finding an elderly relative.

In 2018 they presented an idea of how to make a QR code medical bracelet. The new development works differently from already existing bracelets containing patients' personal information. When such a code is scanned, the Mirror database quickly receives information about the person's location, and the organization can send medical assistance to the received address. 

QR Code Bracelet

Everybody can participate in the Mirror program with QR bracelets. The patient only needs to submit a doctor’s note confirming the Alzheimer's diagnosis.

QR Code Badge

QR code badge in China

Unfortunately, memory loss is a problem for Alzheimer's patients and patients with other types of dementia. They can leave their home for the nearest store being conscious but soon forget their name, residential address, and contacts of close relatives. In China in 2014, healthcare professionals decided to generate a QR code for the nametag that older people would always carry around.

This interactive code contains the patient's data (name, residence address, and diagnosis) and relatives' contacts. A call to action is printed next to the QR code, for example, "Scan to help get me home". Any passerby seeing an older adult who needs help can scan the code and contact relatives.

Older people in China with some diseases wear QR code badges whenever they go in public. These badges are miniature, easy to attach to clothing and help avoid dangerous situations.

QR code stickers in Japan

Japan is the world leader in life expectancy, but this does not protect older people from age-related diseases. As a result, it is not uncommon for older people to leave home and go missing. The Iruma city authorities have invented unique QR code stickers to make searching easier and faster.

Using the QR code generator, they create unique codes with the patient's data. Then they print QR code stickers out and give them to users. These stickers are waterproof, hard-wearing, and fit on a fingernail. If passersby see a confused person, they can scan the code and help reunite with the family. This interactive system in Japan helps find missing older people faster.

QR Code Sticker

Such QR code ideas show what meaningful help can be provided to older people. You can generate a QR code with any information to protect your relatives from unforeseen situations and, if necessary, provide them with prompt assistance. Choose the appropriate form - QR luggage tag, bracelet, or badge to get the maximum benefit. 


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